Who am I?

16265433_10154394539858831_8566705937301427868_n.jpgRead my recent Washington Post article here.

I graduated last summer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am currently working as a High School Credit Program Facilitator and Language Instructor at the Concordia Language Villages. For the first half of the summer, I work at the Danish language village Skovsøen, followed by the Arabic language village Al-Waha.

I’ve worked as a Program Facilitator or Assistant for a number of years. From August 2012 to January 2017, I worked with the ScanDesign Foundation to help foster Danish American relations through their exchange student program.


I received my MA in May 2016 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Scandinavian Studies, where I took courses and collaborated with professors in political science and sociology. My MA thesis, titled “Islamophobic Sentiment in the Danish Asylum Process: Denied Acceptance to Those in Need,” analyzes the ways in which the Danish state indirectly discriminates against Muslim asylum seekers and refugees.

My primary research interests currently revolve around the manifestation of racism and xenophobia in politics, particularly European immigration and refugee policy. I focus primarily on Danish asylum policy and discrimination of the immigrant minority in Denmark and have recently developed an interest in how food and food policies can be used as a means of discrimination and marginalization. Political discourse, party politics, nationalism, and European politics more broadly are also central topics in my research.


Additionally, I am an avid foodie, traveler and podcast enthusiast.

I have lived in Scandinavia for over two years and traveled extensively. When I was in last living in Copenhagen, I volunteered with asylum seekers and refugees at the Trampoline House, worked on the editorial team of the visAvis magazine–a magazine that focuses on challenges presented by asylum and migration–and worked as a journalist for University of Copenhagen’s newspaper University Post as their politics and immigration specialist.

1000500_10153051631660724_591197389_nI also love languages; I’m fluent in Danish, competent in Swedish and Norwegian, have studied Arabic for two and a half years and additionally have previous experience with Spanish, French and Sierra Leonean Krio.